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Moving Locally or Long Distance?

Moving Locally?

There are a few options when it comes to moving, It is important to know which ones they are to narrow your search when looking to move.
The types of moves you first need to think about are Local, Long Distance or International.
Many people get confused by what this means, So we at Efficient Moving Services wanted to show you how to determine what type of movers you need and how to choose the one that best fits your needs.

 Local Moves:

Local moves can be both Residential or Commercial moves, In fact, any move can be Residential or commercial. Think of a Local move as the main category and Residential or Commercial moves as the sub-categories.
A local move is any move taking place within 100 miles from the home office of the Moving company of your choice. Some Companies have a wider range of miles and it can be as high as 600 miles from the Moving companies home base. The reason why this is , Is because some companies want to make sure they are fair to each customer, by having a larger amount of miles covered from their home base, allows them to charge an hourly rate to go to other States and making sure that customers get a truck assigned to them and receive their goods on the same or next day depending on Distance and inventory. For Example:
Moves from Boston, MA  to ME, VT, NH, RI, CT, NY, NYC, NJ, PA, MD, and VA.
All of these States are approximately within 600 miles of Boston which allows companies to be able to pick up the goods and deliver them the same or next day from the pickup, This will be determined by the Inventory and the distance. The fair way to make calculations on this services is by charging an Hourly rate.
In Efficient Moving Services case, We do charge an hourly rate for all of our local moves, The hourly rate includes the Following:
  • The movers (Crew).
  • The moving truck.
  • Basic valuation (insurance at $.60 per lbs. per article).
  • All taxes are included on all hourly rates.
  • The use of moving pads to protect your furniture.

Local Residential move

A local residential move is a move taking place in an apartment or home, for any individual customer, and it takes place within the specified amount of miles determined by the moving company.

Local Commercial move

A local commercial move is the moving services performed for any company or commercial entity, such as small offices, large offices, retail stores etc. These moves are typically billed to the company entity and not to an individual.
In order to find out how far the company you choose is willing to go charging by the hour, just ask your movers, What is their local move radius, Especially if you want to get your good as fast as possible and at a fair price.

Long Distance Moves

A long Distance move is the moving services going over 600 miles from the movers home office, Some companies do a shorter radius, about 100 miles from their home office.
The Long Distance moving Services is great for people that are not in a rush to receive their goods, For starters, By law, every moving company has up to 21 Business days to deliver your goods before it is consider late.
Each company will provide a form to fill out on or before the pickup day, In this form, one of the questions will be: Which is the first available day to receive your goods? The 21 business day for delivery will start on the day specified on that form(not on the day of the pick up).
Most moving companies will try to keep you updated on when your goods will be delivered, however as a customer, you should understand that moving goods cross country is not easy and it takes time. For the most part, you would have to be open to receive a phone call 24 hours before the delivery form the driver of the company, just to let you know he will be there and at around that time.
We understand that it does not sound very good, but regardless of what any company promises, This is what they are going to do.
Moving Long Distance is a Business and a very costly one, For this reason when a company is sending a crew over 600 miles away, they will send an 18 wheeler (trailer) with a few different customers in it. This is the only way that they are going to make a profit on a long distance trip.
Long Distance trips are charged by the weight of your shipment or by the cubic feet(space taken on the truck) Each company will have a minimum weight or cubic feet amount.
Just like the local moving service, The long distance moves can be residential or commercial

Long Distance Residential moves

A long distance residential move is the move taking place in an apartment or home, for any individual customer, and it takes place outside of the home State of the moving company.

Long Distance Commercial moves

A long-distance commercial move is the moving services performed for any company or commercial entity, such as small offices, large offices, retail stores etc. These moves are typically billed to the company entity and not to an individual.



International Moving Services

International Moving Service is the move going from or coming to the moving company home Country.
International moves can also be residential or commercial, unlike Local or Long distance move, International shipment will be charged only by the weight of the shipment, and it needs to be packed on a very specific way and there are lots of forms to fill out for customs, All boxes and inventory must be specific of what is the content of each article. A different company will always be the one delivering the goods at the destination in accordance with the original company you hired.
These are some of the differences to think about when choosing movers, especially when moving out of the Boston, MA area. Efficient Moving Services hopes this was helpful and feel free to go to our website at for a free estimate.


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