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Boston Efficient Movers

Boston Efficient MoversYour best choice of moving services Find out why we are Boston number one moving company providing quality and experience.
Efficient Moving Services has been providing moving and storage services to homes and businesses in the Waltham/Boston area since 2008 with a clean record on BBB, Yelp and google, it is not by chance, it is based on hard work and customers satisfaction.
Who are the Efficient Movers? Efficient Moving team is one that values your business – and we’ve found that to be a rare commodity in the moving industry. We also think that’s what makes us the customer service leader among Boston movers. Our professional movers are well equipped with the right tools and attitude to make your move a successful one. They are highly trained, experienced, enthusiastic, courteous and trustworthy. Who could ask for anything more? We handle all Boston moves safely, quickly, and efficiently: long distance or local, residential, business, or commercial. We’re the Mover…

Moving Boston - Moving Services claims

Moving Services claims
As all of your belongings get moved about during the relocation process, it is a real possibility that something can get damaged. No matter what precautions and measures you and your mover take, accidents can still happen. That's why it's important to look over your shipment for any damage and to know how to file a claim if need be.
Looking for damage Perhaps the best way to prepare yourself for making claims for any potential damage to your goods is to document their condition before the move. Even though the movers will document each item and its condition on the inventory list, you never know how detailed they will get. That's why you should document your goods yourself, by photographing them or keeping your own inventory list with detailed descriptions. Of course, it may take you a long time to photograph and list each item, so you might want to do this only for large, expensive, or sentimental items.

Upon receiving your shipment at your new home, c…

Boston Moving services

We are Efficient Moving Services one of the best companies to work with!
As movers for over 20 years we understand that there is a lot of movers out there, that is why we work hard to make a deference on what we do!  We have made a name for ourselves by taking good care of every customer and doing what we can to help since we started in 2008. We are Efficient Moving Services , You the customer and our team of movers, together we can go places! Please check our slide by clicking below:

Moving Waltham - Moving tips for your next move

Efficient Moving Services Efficient Moving Services has always been proud of the work we do for our customers, Working since 2008 without complaints. Part of our success is on the way we interact with our clients and the way our clients are with us, but most importantly because we try to be upfront with everything we do and try to help customers by providing them with information. At Efficient Moving Services we know how difficult it is to move and we try to give useful tips on how the process works. Even though we offer the option for a full packing services to those customers who do not have a lot of time on their hands or are unable to pack their goods in boxes for any other reason, We understand that there are some people who prefer do it themselves.    Get your supplies The most important part of packing is having the appropriate supplies. To properly wrap and protect your belongings, you'll require sturdy, durable materials. Even though you are only moving locally, there are s…