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Efficient Movers services areas

Efficient Moving Services has been in the moving industry since 2008 and it has an A+ on the BBB as well as  5 stars on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

One of the common questions when looking for movers is:

What areas does the moving company covers?

The reason for this question is to find out how far the moving company is from the origin and destination of the move which is a big factor when calculating travel time. (The time that it will take the movers from their office to the origin and from destination back to their office)

Efficient Moving Services covers all of MA counties, however, we understand that sometimes it just does not make sense to hire movers that are too far away. Some customers prefer to hire movers in their area to save some money on travel time, However, a very large portion of our customers prefer to hire Efficient Moving Services even if they pay for the travel time since most of our clients are referral customers or repeat customers and because of our reputation. Another thing to consider is the hourly rates of other movers vs Efficient Moving Services, most of the times customers find that our hourly rates are lower than other companies, and when you do the math paying for additional travel time vs paying a high hourly rate ends up being the same.
As a reputable moving company, we understand all the aspect of the move, and we try to make it easier for customers to find out what areas we cover and the approximate travel time to them.

Areas we cover the most:  
Efficient Moving Services is very engaged in supporting local businesses and promote Waltham, MA commerce relations to help our community by using our local services and schools.

At a distance of 6.1 miles from our office, Watertown, MA is an easy city to get to. Efficient Moving Services estimated travel time 1/2 Hour total.

Estimated travel time from Efficient Moving Services office to Belmont, MA 1/2 hour total, it is located 6.3 miles from our location in Waltham.

Estimated travel time from Efficient Moving Services office in Waltham, MA 1/2 hour based on Google maps 8.1 miles from our office.

Home of The Boston College, Chestnut Hill is located 11 miles from Efficient Moving Services Office, Estimated travel time 1/2 hour.

Located just 4.6 miles from our office, Efficient Moving Services performs a lot of moves in the Lexington, MA. Estimated travel time is 1/4 hours (15 Minutes).

A former home of Efficient Moving Services, Arlington, MA is located 9.6 miles from our office, estimated travel time is 1/2 hour total, As our former home, we provide a lot of moves in this Town, Thanks to our loyal customers.

Burlington is located 11.6 miles from Efficient Moving Services office. There is a large residential community, however, the services we are requested the most is commercial moving in the Burlington, MA area. estimated travel time is 1/2 hour.

This is some of the most popular areas we service, Of course, we do cover many more areas, however, we just wanted to show how the travel time plays a role in the areas moving companies work. One of the things to do when researching movers are by going to Google maps and enter your location and the company you are working with a location to estimate the travel time. By performing this action you will get a good idea of your travel time cost.

The image below is a map of the long distance areas covered by Efficient Moving Services.
All of our services are specified by colors, All of the blue areas are the same or next day delivery depending on the size of your move or inventory.

The direct and express delivery is when we pick up your goods in any of the Waltham/Boston, MA area, drive to the destination and deliver your goods.
You can get a free Quote at or by calling 781-859-8592

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