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Boston Moving Company-Efficient Movers

Efficient Moving Services

Get fast and easy estimates online with Efficient Moving Services.
First go online and fill out one of the request form on our website
once the form is submitted an account is created for you automatically , within the account you will be able to see your moving quote, send us messages, print bill of lading, see past moves, print payment receipt, view and pay invoices, schedule your move, read rules and regulations and more.


Included in your hourly rate are the following:

boston efficient moving

3 Professional movers to help pack, load, unload, disassemble and reassemble of your goods and make sure you understand the Bill of lading or contract. All of our movers are trained professionals that are always with a great attitude and ready to help.
Efficient Moving truckOne Moving truck, Efficient Moving Services has a moving truck for any situation, from a 26 foot tuck to a city van to help from a large move to a small apartment. Efficient Moving Services has a well maintain fleet of trucks with all the equipment necessary to provide our clients with worry free moving experience, with anything from tools, moving pads, boxes, plastic covers, four wheel dollies, walk up ramp and lift gates.
Efficient Moving Services provides basic insurance for your move at $.60 per pound per article or the ability to get extra protection from relocation . Even though we try very hard to protect your goods while moving, we understand accidents do happen and we just want to make sure you are covered.
At Efficient Moving Services we know moving is stressful and we want to make sure you have one less thing to worry about when you are moving, So all of our prices include taxes, even the discounted rates and especial offers.

Come and get a free estimate today at or call us at 781-859-8592


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Fill out the form on the top or bottom of the website (move calculator) and you will get a free account within our system. From The account, you will be able to see your quote, update addresses, submit inventory, send us messages, schedule move…

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